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Van Gogh Stands for Vodka Paintings

A picture is worth a thousand words… When a vodka company names their brand after a famous painter you’d expect that they wouldn’t even need any art on their vodka bottles and instead rely on the reputation of the deceased painter. Well Van Gogh vodka felt that Van Gogh’s reputation¬†alone wouldn’t carry their vodka brand [...]


Devotion Vodka: A Douchey Situation

And you thought they would stop at flavored vodka… Devotion Spirits has recently introduced their 80 proof vodka infused with a milk protein know as PeptoPro, a form of predigested casein protein. The creator, Drew Adelman supposedly made the vodka as a way to combine the two loves of his life– nightlife and keeping that [...]


Coolest Bottle: Crystal Head

You’re not cool until you’ve chugged vodka out of a crystal head vodka bottle. This vodka is a must for any college student that has a collection of bottles in their kitchen. Frankly, the contents of this bottle are irrelevant. Smooth this, burn that: You aren’t buying this vodka for the taste. The person behind [...]


Top Ten Vodkas

1. Chopin 2. Grey Goose 3. Belvedere 4. Absolut 5. Russian Standard 6. Ketel One 7. 42 Below 8. Skyy 9. Smirnoff 10. Svedka


Ketel One: Best Affordable Vodka

Pros: Affordable. Comparable to the most expensive vodkas. Cons: Not the “cheapest” vodka. Low cool factor. Ketel One is a wheat derived Vodka with a smooth taste and satisfying burn. This Vodka from the Nolet Distillery in Schiedam, Netherlands is distilled in copper pots (hence the name) and filtered over charcoal. The alcohol content of [...]

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